We are launching our new vinyl collection Display on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The collection consists of three products, Display SINGLE, Display MULTI and Display LUNA. Scroll down and read more about the collection and what Kickstarter is here on the page.


The Display collection is designed with inspiration from the Danish design philosophy of minimalism and clean lines.

The collection is aimed at design-conscious vinyl enthusiasts who are looking for an aesthetic and more functional way to display their favorite records or want to rediscover parts of their collection in a new way.


Click the button below to access the campaign and get much more information about the products.


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What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs, artists and contractors to obtain funding for their projects by collaborating with a wide circle of supporters.

On Kickstarter you can create a campaign for your project, describe it and plan the rewards you want to give backers in exchange for their contribution. The backers can then choose to support the project with a certain amount of money, and if the project reaches its financial objective, the entrepreneur receives the funds and can start realizing his project. If the target is not reached, the supporters get their contribution back.